Friday, February 08, 2008

my autobiographies

I read here about a book that collects six word autobiographies from people. To be clear, exactly six words. Just like that last sentence was. Oh my God, that one too!

Anyway, I was compelled to come up with some, but as you'll see I'm not so good at the sort of true encapsulations that are really called for here. The article referenced above has much better examples, but for the time being this is what I've got.

Fiber: not just for breakfast anymore.
A new year, another awkward phase.
Rejection letter: this is a story?
If only chicks dug back hair.
Some promise. Some results. Oh well.

Five stories - you be the judge. You, reader, go and do likewise.


RhetorRick said...

I think mine would be: "Indian name: Looks-Like-He's-Working"

Phil Poulter said...

Explains why screen doesn't face door.