Thursday, April 24, 2008

suddenly, without warning, I'm blogging my dreams

Recently I dreamed I was being tortured by "the Germans." This wasn't a WWII flashback. As far as I could tell, these Germans were acting on behalf of the current American government. The sole purpose of the torture seemed to be, well, torture.

The torture itself was almost exactly like going to the dentist. Friendly people with sterilized appearance led people back to a room where we would wait in private. Then the torturer would come in, lean us back, and start stuffing things into our mouths. They would ask questions in a German accent, but answering was impossible. The level of discomfort was identical to being at the dentist, except it was not actual dentistry. It was torture.

After having gone through it once I became determined to put a stop to it. So the next time I was greeted in the waiting room and called on back, I claimed to be a personal friend of Kofi Annan, and that they'd better watch themselves. This seemed to do the trick. When the torturer came in and leaned me back, she withheld torture in exchange for a dream-like monologue about her childhood.

Below is a non-sequitur photo of some spring wildflowers. I post the picture here to encourage people to work for peace and harmony by lying about being friends with Kofi Annan.


RhetorRick said...

I have been tortured by a similar dream - except it had something to do with a kidney stone. I wake up in a cold sweat, right after I hear a voice saying, "We're going to have to go in and get it."

Phil Poulter said...

Are you sure that was a dream?