Monday, January 08, 2007

five things

I received a request (challenge/dare/burden/invitation) from this guy to list five things people might not know about me. So, in order(?), here they are:

1. I almost always have tortillas in my house, yet I rarely have sliced bread.

2. When I was about nine years old my brother and I formed a music group called Gladys Arm and the Pits. I don't recall much music coming from it.

3. Often, when I'm leaving my dogs to themselves, I tell them that I have "some doin' to do." They seem to accept that explanation.

4. I have a modest collection of nude postcards (that is to say, postcards with photos of nudes). I don't think I purchased any of them. Most were given as gifts by people who believed I collected postcards of nudes. One was pilfered from a used bookstore (though given the time I think I could explain how it was justifiable pilfering).

5. I have never completed a novel by anyone named Austen or Bronte. This is a confession, not a critical position.


stan said...

Do you just prefer tortillas to bread, or is it more that you prefer not to exert the effort to cut the bread?

Phil Poulter said...

I prefer not to exert the effort to chew the bread.