Friday, January 05, 2007

sister (moon)

Admittedly, this is a stretch, but it was fun standing out in the street at night having passersby wonder what I was doing with a small table and St. Francis. Some people (not many) may remember a movie that came out in the 70's called Brother Sun, Sister Moon, portraying Francis of Assisi as a flower child. I don't remember it being particularly good, but I still remember the song, performed by Donovan I think.

So when I saw the Photo Friday theme of "sister," knowing that my own sibling is in another state and that there is no convenient access to nuns in the neighborhood, this is what comes out: an obscure allusion featuring a slightly scary-looking saint (it looks like he might smash the bird) and a fuzzy satellite.


jblack designs said...

I remember that movie (but I don't think I ever saw it...). Cool photo.


Elisabeth said...

Yeah, I like this picture a lot.