Monday, October 15, 2007

my middle name

Someone has asked me to use the letters of my middle name to list facts about myself. To which I replied, "damn it." But having given it a little more thought, it follows forthwith. In the photo, by the way, Hypocrisy and Vanity refer to my dogs' middle names.

Morning. There is a quote from Thoreau - "morning is when I am awake and there is a dawn within me" - which I wish to amend with "following a period to include at least one entire cup of coffee and a whole host of bodily functions."

Acrostics. This listing with the letters of a word is acrostics. I once wrote a very bad seminar paper in acrostics, and had the good fortune (or was it knowledge) to take a professor who didn't read these papers.

Tull. I've recently been getting back in touch with my progressive/folk rock roots thanks in part to youtube.

Tonsils. Still got 'em.

Haberdasher. I've often thought that if I ever opened a retail business, it should trade in something I can use.

Epicurean. The more I've read about Epicurus the more I think I must be one too. Plus, I've had some coffee called the "epicurean blend" - see "morning" above.

Wiggly. I keep getting distracted by this dog under my feet. Shame on you Wiggly Vanity!

I believe I've covered it, but I'm sure someone will let me know if I've skipped a letter.

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Isabel said...

Jennifer's suggestion to check out how well you handled the "damn" :) assignment made me join the voyeurs of your previous post.
Great sense of humor! I'll be snooping around...