Monday, October 22, 2007

web master

Here's the latest addition to my collection.


jblack designs said...

I seriously may never visit again. Although it's the perfect Halloween prop.


Isabel said...

Two words came to my mind when I saw this photo...terrific...and Charlotte...

Chris said...

One of my scariest moments as a kid involved an orb weaver at my friend Jim's house. We saw one of them in the tool shed in his back yard. The web was stretched between some tools, I guess. I don't remember how it was exactly, but it was a huge web, and somehow the spider was hanging right in the middle of the room about halfway between the door and the back wall.

The scary part was when we were playing some kind of chasing game and I forgot the spider was there. I tore into the shed at full speed and straight into the web. I immediately realized what I'd done and started looking around for the spider while frantically pulling pieces of web from my hair. When I didn't see it, I freaked out pretty bad.

Fortunately, the spider was still in the web. It had simply retreated. Jim, who was several years older than I was, came to the rescue with a pair of hedge clippers and neatly snipped off its head. The events inspired a most comforting rhyme, which we recited constantly for the rest of the day.

It was dead
In the shed
And below, in a box
Lay its head.

Chris said...

So man up, Phil. Get you some hedge clippers and get out there.

This aggression will not stand.