Wednesday, August 27, 2008

old fashioned

For photofriday I took this picture of a drink called an old fashioned. I told the bartender that it has sugar, water, bitters, bourbon, an orange wedge, and a cherry. He'd never heard of bitters, so we agreed on a compromised version. It turned out that he'd evidently never heard of oranges either. Still, it came out alright. The picture is slightly out of focus in an attempt to simulate the experience of drinking one.

Obviously I suffer for my pictures.


jblack designs said...

Was this a real bartender? Or a wink wink bartender?

Phil Poulter said...

It was a Chili's bartender. Does that answer your question.

jblack designs said...

Yes... and, well, my funny friend ... here's something for you:


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Yep, darn it...