Friday, May 01, 2009

a poem (in case it's hard to tell)

Hard Boiled

In the distance an agitated grackle
screams at a would-be foe,
sounding much like a Smith-Corona
XL1000 typewriter circa 1986
with auto-return and easy worderaser.
Could this be an angry poem the bird beats out,
with lines like “I’ve known the hardened taste of seed?”
Or maybe we’ve walked into the middle of a saga,
right at the tension building stand-off.
Will the curious cat at the base of the tree
get its just reward? And what of the twitching squirrel,
fretting over the dangers facing his nuts?
We’ll have to tune in at another time,
for the sprinklers have started
and the story’s author has traded
typing out a decent ending
for a cliffhanger and flapping wings.


RhetorRick said...

Didn't we go to school with a guy named Cliff Hanger?

jblack designs said...

This line made me laugh out loud:

with lines like “I’ve known the hardened taste of seed?”

This is good, Phil--fun. You should submit it somewhere.

On another note, the word verification below is "warchip."

Phil Poulter said...

My ambition is to compose word verifications.